Welcome to the Anchor Blog Spot!

Pastor Randal Quackenbush


Welcome to Anchor’s new blog spot. The purpose of this spot is to encourage dialog on topics such as current events, social issues, life in Boston, politics, music/art, theology, philosophy, the Christ-community, and our personal life (dare we say dating, marriage, fitness, work, recreation, and Sabbath rest.)  There, do we have enough topics to write about?  The over-arching goal is that in each of these topics we could explore (together) how living as a Christ-follower intersects these topics or issues.  

Your blog will be reviewed and, if approved (we really want to approve your blog!) we will post it here.  You will hear from some of our Anchor leaders, but it is open to anyone.  If a rebuttal is appropriate, we desire grace to be our “spirit” and Scripture to be our “truth.”  As such, may these blogs actually be an act of worship in spirit and in truth.  John 4 informs us that such acts, perhaps even blogs, can be pleasing to the Father.

Happy blogging!

Dr. Randal Quackenbush, Lead Pastor, Anchor Boston

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