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Core Values

Accepting - A Home For All

Reaching - A Hope For All

Growing - A Path For All

Excelling - A Quest For All

Giving - A Spirit For All



The word “advent” means “arrival.”  It shares logic with the word “adventure.”  Adventure brings certain tensions - both hopes and fears.  Celebrate Advent with our Anchor community this season as we look back at the first coming of Christ and forward to the second coming.  Both epitomizes the the hopes and fears of adventure while welcoming the joy and peace both of Christ’s “arrivals” brings to the human existence.  Advent is celebrated December 2, 9, and 16 at Anchor Boston. 


Revelation is the last word God chose to speak in Scripture. Last words are typically meaningful and often poignant. How can this "last word" speak to us today? What can we learn about Jesus Christ beyond what is shared in the Gospels? What can we learn about worship? About victory through sacrifice? About the Final Judgment, the New Jerusalem, the return of Christ, and New Heavens and a New Earth? Join us for this study of the vision of John, Revelation  - The Last Word, beginning September 9: Sundays at 5:00pm. 



On Vision Sunday 2018, Pastor Randal shared a new initiative with our community, The Discipleship Project. This project aligns with the mission of Anchor Boston, which is “to lead people toward exchanging misconceptions about God for truth, becoming worshippers of the Creator rather created things.” Discipleship and being a worshiper of the Creator are intertwined. For, to truly be a worshipper of God is requires every aspect of our life being wholly submitted to him; that Jesus Christ is the center, spirit, and glory of all that we are and all that we do. 

The Discipleship Project is intentional, to develop discipled leaders. The following are short-term intensive modules that are offered:

Module 1 - Pivot: focuses on establishing spiritual practices which will assist the participant in making a 180 degree pivot as a follower of Christ.

Module 2 - Know: a study in Systematic Theology covering such subjects as the existence of God, attributes of God, Trinitarian doctrine, the earliest creeds of the Church, the Incarnation, redemptive/covenant love, and Eschatology. (Pre-requisite is Pivot)

Module 3 - Defend: designed for those who desire to learn how to defend their faith by studying Judeo-Christian Apologetics.

Module 4 - Share: crafted to equip participants in personal evangelism by teaching the basics of how to live a contagious life as a follower of Jesus (Pre-requisite: Defend)

Module 5 - Lead: designed for followers of Christ interested in spiritual leadership in community. 

Module 6 - Alpha: focuses on the big questions of life in this exploration about the meaning of life. Ideal for people on the fence about the Christian faith.

Upcoming module schedules will be posted on our homepage.



An exciting part of our community at Anchor Church is our Anchor Crew community groups! Our crews provide a space for groups of like-minded individuals to interact with each other, with strong foundational theology, and with God, offering a safe place to explore life and faith. While attending, members of a crew can expect to build strong relationships, have life-giving spiritual discussion, and experience encouraging times of corporate prayer. Crews meet all over the city!

The fall crew session begins the week of September 9. Sign up here!

Fall Crew Locations: 

Back Bay – Shreya Varghese – Wednesdays @ 7:00

Beacon Hill – Randal & Shelly Quackenbush – Wednesdays @ 7:00

Malden – Ryan & Lauren Seler – Thursdays @ 7:30

Downtown Crossing – Yannick Schenk and Jillian Kando – Tuesdays @ 7:00

South Boston – Jeff & Anna Palmer – Wednesdays @ 7:00

South End – Rob Barrett – Wednesdays @ 7:00



Our next First Wednesday prayer gathering is January 9 at 7pm at 41 Berkeley St. Jesus said “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Join us as for this monthly hour of community prayer for individual, city, national, and global needs.


The Welcome Party! is for people who are new to Anchor Boston. Come hang out, eat some food, hear more about the church, and meet some new friends. The next Welcome Party! will be on January 27 in the Breezeway at 41 Berkeley St, Boston. RSVP here.



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 41 Berkeley St, Boston

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